The Brand

GARBARINO was launched during a time in which the logicof industrial production maintained precisestandardizationmodels, which it seemed hardy to distance from. From thenuntil now, Adriano Garbarinofirst and the company then hadthe opportunity to talk with interlocutors in different partsof the world - from the US to Europe, the Middle to the FarEast. Hundreds are the projects made for clients who willnot be satisfied with a flat and regular taste, but requiringcustom-made projects represent the modern conceptofluxury.

Quality is the essential piece of all the work. It is aguarantee of attention and dedication to the smallest detail.The craftsmanship made in Italy according to traditionaltechniques meets a great attention to thechoice of the mostsuitable materials. This is where the metamorphosis fromidea to project and fromproject to creation takes place.

One material carries well-defined values: the choice of anessence, the method of processing it to enhance itsproperties, its density, and even the tactile and olfactorycomponents are important and essential parameters for therealization of projects all consistent with the corporatespirit. The sizeable natural component of various woodsused, such as ebony, oak, elm, walnut “Canaletto” ismatched to the strength of finishes such as lacquer, gold,cork and leather. Thanks to this dual soul, creations ofextreme refinement come to life.The direct practice of the material, shaping, modifying aswell as respecting it, belongs to a sphere of expertisegained and improved over time, as a result of a constantresearch of incentives andunusual points of view.

Craftsmanship is a boundless wealth of expertise gainedover the years: multiple skills that emphasize the quality ofitems converge in manual labour. The geometries that formthe structure of each furniture piece are highlighted by theaccuracy of the process that makes every product specialand precious. In theGARBARINO objects, model processingof carpentry and fine cabinetry are alternated with the useof advanced technologies and contribute to the achievementof an effective mix of skills and sensitivity.




Adriano Garbarino

 Adriano Garbarino, founder of the brand, is a multifaceted creative animated by the love for his job.

Many years of experience as interior designer throughout Europe, United States, Russia, Middle East and Asia has led him to the creation of custom made furniture and home accessories: through this experience, he has developed a style able to combine his aesthetic taste to the most demanding and sophisticated requests from all over the world. His natural inclination for creativity and art, along with constructive and invention skills, led him then to take the decision of consolidating all its productions and propose them to the market through the “GARBARINO” company, a very large portfolio of various creations, still joined by a great quality in terms of style and materials.

His education is based on passion for travel and unconditional love for art, especially for the Renaissance’s one. With the same trial he saw in these elements, he looked at his work and outlined the corporate soul which always looks forward to new things, different cultures and lesser-known traditions: that's how research and practice become the basis for a creative work in which the practicality of the artist and designer coincide and relive every day.

All his creations, from the eclectic to the classic inspiration ones, made him well known in the international scene, where he has been present for more than 40 years. These are now ready to be discovered through these pages, thus displaying past experience and future projections.

It is, therefore, a handed down passion that animates the company and relive today through projects designed to grow over time.

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